Christopher, Craig, and Jimi are the original founders of Giritech. While they have all moved on to new ventures, their innovation and creativity continues to be an inspiration for the company.


Craig Damon

Craig's vision and attention to detail, quality and usability was the driving force behind Giritech's strategic technology development in the early phases.

With over 20 years on the leading edge of software development management, Craig's background and experience spans from mainframe to mobility. Aside from Giritech, he has worked in established companies like Disney and Informix, and start-ups like Waveframe and Digital FX.

Craig is one of those rare individuals who can quickly and intuitively grasp the fundamentals of virtually any type of technology - from advanced network and ASIC design to music recording to farm machinery.


Jimi Jørgensen

Jimi is an expert in software development and a specialist in the field of Internet security. He has been responsible for designing the concepts and writing most of the code in the first releases of G/On.

His accomplishments include co-founding the eighth largest business-only ISP in Denmark, which he subsequently merged with a leading Danish SI. Jimi also managed the development of IT security solutions for several of the top 100 Danish companies, and was responsible for security at one of the leading Internet trading companies. Jimi has won 2 Reboot Awards for technical achievements.


Christopher Arlaud

As one of Giritech's founders, Christopher was responsible for marketing and communication in the early days of Giritech.

Christopher has 20 years international experience in advertising, PR, journalism and marketing communication. He has worked with companies such as Cisco and Microsoft Business Solutions and held positions in Australia, Europe and the US.

Christopher is currently running his own marketing company



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