Here you can get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about G/On and Giritech.


About the Product

What problem does G/On solve?

G/On is a secure virtual access solution that reduces the cost and complexity of securing remote access to network resources - especially from PCs not controlled by the IT department. G/On in particular overcomes the 5 security challenges that most industry and security experts consider are the fundamental ones to overcome to achieve secure application access. See more here


How is G/On™ different from a VPN?

Contrary to an IPSec VPN, G/On does not connect the remote PC to the company network. G/On creates encrypted virtual connections that provides users with a direct access experience to their specific applications, their office PC or a virtual desktop. G/On includes 2-factor authentication, and creates a virtual connection to the network. It is simpler to use because you don't need to install, download or configure anything to make it work. Contrary to most SSL VPNs, G/On does not rely on a web browser to enable applications. G/On can enable most client/server based applications directly without the need for any additional tools. An SSL VPN relies on a browser client and requires the integration of authentication tools, certificates and more depending on the company security policy.


What is so special about this "virtual connection" that G/On creates?

As comparison, IPSec VPNs connect to the network via the PC's operating system. This effectively makes the PC a node on the network - and therefore vulnerable to attack. For example, hackers watching the PC can disrupt the VPN session, forcing the user to log in again. When they do, the attacker steals their username and password. Similarly, a hacker can steal the credentials on the PC and potentially use these to gain access to the network remotely via the VPN client or the browser.

G/On is different. G/On creates a virtual connections to applications that are independent of the PC and its operating system. The only way these connections can be opened is if you are physically in front of the PC.


So this means I don't have to worry about end-point security?

Antispyware and antivirus software remains an indespensible element in the toolbox of any responsible IT user and IT administrator. But with G/On, damages from yet unknown virus's, spyware etc. are much more likely to be impacting productivity at the client side, instead of compromising the internal application network infrastructure.

The remote PC running a G/On connection never becomes a node on your network, and our unique “lock to process” feature prevents any unknown applications from executing once the G/On application connection has been established. This prevents external viruses, Trojans or malware from exploiting the existing connection to spread into the internal system.


How is G/On different from a secure token?

Secure tokens authenticate users. And that's it. They don't connect users to applications, they don't encrypt the data, and they don't give the IT department the tools they need to manage every aspect of remote connectivity. G/On does all these things.



Is a one-time password more secure than G/On's reliance on static network password?

No. A secure token doesn't have to be present for the user to log-in. You can easily read out the right one-time password over the phone, enabling someone else to log in "anonymously". With G/On, users can only connect if they have both the right token and they know the user's login name and password.


Can G/On support one-time passwords?

Yes. G/On can be extended to support one-time passwords - either via integration with legacy secure token solutions, or via passwords sent to the user's cellphone. However, in most instances we see this as unnecessary.


Can I use any USB key to run a G/On client?

No. The USB key we use for G/On includes several special features (e.g. autorun and dual partition) plus it is made of high quality components to ensure very reliable performance. Most importantly, the G/On USB includes a unique ID (like a certificate) that makes every G/On USB globally unique.


About the Technology

What is EMCADS™?

EMCADS is the name of our technology which was first patented in 2005. It is an acronym that stands for Encrypted Multipurpose Content and Application Delivery System. G/On is the first product based on this technology.





About Pricing and the Market

What does G/On cost?

Pricing is competitive compared to alternative solutions and varies depending on the size of the installation. There are indications that some customers have experienced up to 50-70% savings on their cost for implementing and operating remote access for all employees and external contractors.

See more details or contact a Giritech Partner for additional information.


What is G/On's target market?

All the companies that want to let more people connect to applications from PCs located in places that the company doesn't directly control - like employees homes, consultants' offices, hotels, Internet kiosks etc.


What if I already have e.g. a VPN, secure tokens and other security solutions?

G/On is a cost-effective supplement or replacement for legacy security solutions. Its unique feature set makes it easy for the IT department to provide even more people with secure access to applications "anywhere, anytime" from virtually any PC. G/On is simple to install and deploy. Any changes to your existing infrastructure can be carried out by our certified partners.


About Giritech

Will Giritech still be around in, say, 10 years time?

Giritech is backed by two of Scandinavia's biggest ITC investors. And via our Board of Directors and senior management, we have the experience needed to build a successful international business. Finally, Giritech's IP is protected by patents granted by the USPTO in 2005 and 2008.


Who is Giritech's competition?

SSL VPN is the only product that offers some degree of mobility. People who buy these products typically supplement them with secure tokens and end-point security solutions to improve authentication and reduce the risk posed by spyware.


What are G/On key differentiators?

G/On combines strong 2 factor authentication and AES encrytion via a virtual connection that effectively protects the connection from spyware. Further, G/On isn't limited to web-enabled applications. It can be used for server-based computing, and most other client/server applications.


What is there to prevent other companies launching products that work just like G/On?

G/On's simplicity is misleading. We've invested years of development into crafting a solution that is fast, simple and extremely flexible. We're confident that a head-to-head comparison with future G/On clones will quickly reveal the shortcuts that were taken. Secondly, our patent covers both our technology and the method we use to deploy the client (e.g. on a personal storage media such as a USB key and the authentication methods and algorithms used by EMCADS).

Finally - and most importantly - Giritech is commited to earning its customers' loyalty the "old-fashioned" way: by proving we offer the best value for money backed by world-class service and support.


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