Five Challenges - One Solution

G/On Virtual Access solves the five challenges of secure access.

Getting access to IT resources isn't difficult. The challenge is to make it secure while keeping complexity and cost under control.



  G/On's end-to-end solution integrates two-factor, mutual authentication. The hardware token can either be G/On's unique USB-based authentication and connectivity device OR G/On can use the PC   itself as the hardware token.


Device Isolation and Management

Contrary to traditional VPN based solutions G/On does NOT make the remote PC part of the network. G/On connects users virtually to their applications, their office PC or to their virtualized desktop.

The optional G/On Secure Desktop boots the PC from a locked down Linux operating system and creates a fully known and managed environment on the remote PC.

Data Protection and Integrity

Instead of using VPN tunneling protocols such as IPSec, SSL, L2TP and PTPP, G/On establishes a protected, virtual connection between user and the application.

Network Access Control and Logging

G/On improves the protection of your company network considerably. First of all, the G/On Server only responds to traffic from known and approved devices and it will onlycommunicate with users following a successful two-factor authentication.

Application Authorization and User Management

The G/On Management tool enables IT administrators to manage Authentication Policies and Authorization Policies. Authorization Policies defines which applications users have access to when they are authenticated.



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