G/On Makes it Simple

- and dramatically reduces cost for implementing and operating secure access for all employees and external contractors.

Traditional "best of breed" network architecture

G/On's simplified architecture
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G/On simplifies the infrastructure needed for secure access to your company data and applications
and dramatically reduces infrastructure costs.


G/On gives:

  • Users maximum flexibility: they can work securely from everywhere on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad and iPhone
  • IT Administrators just one tool: they manage precisely what applications users can access under given circumstances.

How G/On Simplifies

In one integrated solution, G/On features two-factor authentication, data encryption, network protection, and application access and authorization. Compared to a "best of breed" approach where multiple, different products are pieced together, G/On makes it much simpler to implement, manage and control access to company data and applications.

G/On creates value for your company by reducing the complexity of your network. This makes secure access an asset instead of a liability. G/On removes the need for:

  • VPN
  • Secure tokens
  • Token Server
  • Certificate Server
  • SSL and IPSec VPN
  • DMZ (& extra servers)
  • Intrusion Detection Solutions (IDS)
  • Identity Management Solutions (IMS)
  • Extra firewalls and/or multi-layer password systems
  • Employee Laptops (employees can use their home PCs and external contractors can use their own PCs)
  • Different solutions for Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS

Consolidating your network in this way translates into real financial benefits.

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