• G/On makes it easier to provide secure access to any application that drives your business
  • G/On can be used to enable access to many applications – all controlled via the same solution
  • Below are examples of how to use certain applications with G/On


Extending the range of Citrix – securely and cost-effectively

Mobility, two-factor authentication, encryption, and virtual access to Citrix farms - without Citrix Access Gateway and VPN

Securing mobile and remote Citrix users is most often both complex and expensive.

Rather than dealing with multiple different components for securing access to Citrix, G/On offers all the benefits of a single integrated solutions:

Some of the reasons why Users like G/On:

  • G/On works the same way on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Users do not need to remember and enter a URL address in their browser. They launch G/On directly from their G/On Token
  • The G/On menu of Citrix applications is just a single mouse click away without any additional information required

Some of the reasons why Corporate IT likes G/On:

  • Very easy installation, configuration and management without the need for additional overhead products like certificate- and authentication solutions. The G/On server software runs on both physical and virtual servers
  • G/On integrates easily via Citrix XML Services and supports Citrix load balancing
  • G/On automatically presents the user with the menu of Citrix published applications. No G/On re-configuration is required when the Citrix application set is changed
  • G/On is not just for Citrix. G/On provides a single interface for users and a single tool for the IT administration for secure access to Terminal Server, portals, web apps, office PC’s, virtual PC’s and regular client/server applications. This reduces the cost, removes complexity, and improves the user experience related to remote access.


G/On makes Terminal Services more secure, more mobile and less expensive

G/On integrates elegantly with Windows Terminal Services and provides a complete end-to-end secure direct access solution with:

  • The option to give users the convenience of single-sign-on
  • Direct access to full Terminal Server (TS) desktop
  • Direct access to specific applications in locked down sessions
  • TS sessions to be configured in G/On to allow mapping of local drives on the remote PC,mapping of local printers, and copy/paste and other features of the TS

Further, choosing G/On USB to secure users’ access to Terminal Services means they can connect from any Windows PC without having to download, install or configure anything.


G/On secures access to sensitive financial data "anywhere, anytime"

ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics are used to handle business critical data – financial records, sales, warehouse inventory, CRM and so on. Using G/On to make these functions available from any location increases the value of Microsoft Dynamics solution by:

  • Enabling your administrative staff to work from home, providing them increased flexibility, increased productivity and increased job satisfaction.
  • Making it easier, faster and less expensive to give external accountants and payroll agencies “self-service” access to Dynamics.
  • Enabling employees to work from customer sites, thereby streamlining business processes by making data move faster and more efficiently.
  • Allowing supply chain collaboration by giving suppliers access to manufacturers’ database so they can meet their Just in Time (JIT) agreements by managing the inventory themselves i.e. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is just one example of an ERP solution supported by G/On.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV client can be enabled in alternative configurations:

  • Employees’ existing desktop PC, through Microsoft Terminal Server (TS) or through Citrix.
  • Launch it directly from your G/On Menu.
  • If your company is offering Laptops for employees with the application client installed directly on the Laptop
  • In some cases it is possible to configure the ERP client to run off the G/On USB key.


Flexible mobile access to Outlook - without compromising on security


G/On provides a high degree of flexibility when it comes to how users can have secure remote access to Outlook to get to their mail:

  • A locally installed Outlook client on the user’s PC. This is typically relevant for users with a company provided Laptop and where the Outlook client is already installed on the Laptop. In this configuration, users will continue to have access to their personal folders and offline folders in Outlook.
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix
  • Direct access to users' office PC

G/On can be configured to provide E-mail access via any of these methods depending on how and where the user is connecting from. For instance, if the user is logging into G/On from a company managed Laptop, the user will be able to launch the locally installed Outlook client and the user can work with Outlook as if the user is sitting inside the office connected to the LAN.

If the user is logging into G/On from an unknown PC the user will not get the option to launch local Outlook, but will get an option to launch Outlook via a Terminal Server session or a Citrix session. And depending on company policies, the user may be prevented from any form of copy/paste and local printing.

However, the company may allow users to connect from their home PC in which case the company may give access to Outlook Web Access (OWA) with the ability for the user to do copy/paste and the ability to attach and detach documents.

The different options are centrally configured and managed in G/On and can be changed dynamically by the IT administrators.



G/On is a cost-efficient tool for securing access to Microsoft CRM


The value of a CRM system depends largely on the accuracy of the data it contains and its availability. G/On provides an efficient way of ensuring Microsoft CRM users can easily access the system anywhere, anytime from any PC – without requiring heavy investments in security solutions.

With G/On, Microsoft CRM users are always protected by:

  • 2-factor user authentication
  • Mutual client/server authentication to prevent phishing
  • A nodeless connection this is “locked to process” to prevent malware exploiting the connection

For IT Administrators, G/On reduces the need for Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) and Identity Management Systems (IMSs) as G/On only requires one port to be open on the firewall and the G/On server only responds to requests for access from authentic G/On clients i.e. those that know its shared secret.

Combined, these features let IT Departments reduce the cost and complexity of their network by replacing multiple security solutions from different vendors with one “all-in-one” secure access solution.




Easy, secure access to web applications, portals, and Intranets


Many companies have built web based portals for employees and external contractors to get access to internal applications and services.

Remote access to such portals is typically provided by exposing the portals directly to the Internet protected by a SSL-based VPN and some authentication solution based on either a token or some other one time password solution.

G/On is a very attractive alternative for establishing the remote, direct access to web based portals. G/On provides a complete connectivity and security solution that avoids the need for an Internet facing web server and prevents any unauthorized access to the portals. The web server hosting the portal is securely protected by the G/On Server.

In addition, G/On USB offers the possibility to customize a special configuration of a browser that can run off the USB and possibly even run off the CD Read-Only partition of the G/On USB. So, rather than relying on an Internet browser installed on a remote, unknown PC, it is possible to provide users with a pre-configured browser stored securely on the G/On USB to access your company portal.



File Transfer (Secure Upload & Download)

Most organizations have the need to manage, control and audit data leaving and entering the company network. Integrating G/On with a FTP server gives the option to force all data file tranfers through G/On directly to a secure FTP file server constantly monitored for virus, trojans, and other malware.

Such a Single Point of Data Transfer for all data going in and out of the company enables full monitoring and logging of every transfer event. And, multiple file transfer options can be configured in the users' G/On menu for direct access to different types of files and for public and private files.


Reduce the cost and complexity of securing hosted solutions

G/On helps Application Service Providers (ASPs) consolidate their network infrastructure by replacing multiple security solutions – secure tokens, VPNs, end-point security software and so on – with G/On’s “all-in-one” secure access solution.

Everyday, ASPs face the challenge of letting employees, customers and partners from many different companies secure access to specific applications. Keeping customers satisfied means offering them a user-friendly way of doing this, while ensuring “anywhere, anytime” availability and convenience. Being able to minimize operating costs without limiting customers’ 24/7 360º access is essential for success.

That’s why G/On is the perfect match for ASPs. G/On’s unique combination of security features lets ASPs offer customers an easy to use way of accessing their applications from any PC – while only having to administer one security solution to ensure:

  • 2-factor authentication to verify user identity
  • Mutual client/server authentication to prevent phishing
  • Avoid malware while giving users the flexibility to connect from any PC
  • Network access control
  • Application access management

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