Atlific checks into G/On

G/On helps leading North American hotel management company give staff secure remote access to critical business systems.

Results-oriented IT

Since 1959, Atlific Hotels & Resorts has built a reputation as a nationally admired and respected integrated hotelmanagement company. At the heart of Atlific’s success lies their unique ability to increase top-line visibility in the marketplace while simultaneously improving bottom line results for owners. Today they provide a broad range of management services to some of the world’s great hotel brands as well as well-known independent properties stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in both the United States and Canada. The IT needs of Atlific’s 300 employees are handled by a lean team of 3 experienced professionals. With offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver and over 30 properties to manage in Canada, Director of IT, Robert Dodier keenly appreciates the value of implementing fast, efficient systems that help Atlific achieve its business goals.

Needed more flexibility

In the past, Atlific relied on standard IPSec VPNs to connect users at different locations to a central farm of Citrix servers that hosted most of the company’s applications. “However our sales and accounting people, as well as some of our general managers also wanted to connect to different applications from home or when traveling,” explains Dodier. “Previously, we would set up a fixed IP address for them but this ended up being restrictive. It took time to set up, plus in a lot of areas it wasn’t always easy to connect.

Low administration essential

Dodier and his team therefore started looking for a new solution that would make it easier for people to connect securely from just about anywhere, without being difficult for Atlific’s IT Department to administer.

Enter G/On

After looking at offerings from various vendors, they saw G/On from Giritech and quickly recognized its potential. “G/On had a lot going for it. It provides 2-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption without requiring a fixed IP address,” says Robert Dodier. “Plus it’s easy to use.” Atlific started out cautiously. A small group were issued with the G/On USB keys which they used to look at Atlific’s Delphi system (sales booking & reservation system) servers, check customer accounts and see their email via Citrix.


Five star user-friendliness

“Our users were extremely pleased,” recalls Robert Dodier. “The G/On USB keys were easy to use and let them quickly connect to the applications they needed.” “Our technical staff were also enthusiastic. They often use G/On to connect to VCN so they can manage servers.”


Growing demand for G/On

Robert Dodier anticipates a growing demand for the product among the company’s staff. “People are getting used to G/On now and I expect an increasing demand for the G/On keys as time goes by,” he says. Combining secure, cost-effective connectivity with a low administrative overhead, G/On is helping Atlific achieve their goal of improving bottom line results through professional efficiency.

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Customer profile

From corporate offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Atlific Hotels owns and/or manages over 40 properties from Newfoundland to British Columbia and is one of Canada’s fastest growing hotel management companies. Experienced industry leaders handle the day-to-day concerns of hotel management with the goal of improving each hotel’s top-line marketplace performance while delivering long-term financial benefits to property owners


Atlific needed a more flexible solution for offering travelling salespersons and other representatives the possibility to connect from anywhere.


G/On USB giving the users the option to log on from any device with internet access.


• A very userfriendly solution

• G/On also gives technical staff the opportunity to manage ex. servers from anywhere

• Gives professional efficiency helping businesses reach their goals of improving revenue

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