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DPA chose G/On to connect it's workforce working in many different locations and with multiple customers

VPN’s - simply not secure and flexible enough

DPA is a Dutch multidisciplinary service provider, delivering knowledge and personnel capacity on demand to companies and institutions through the provision of skilled professionals in Finance, IT and Supply Chain. In 2007 the group realized a turnover of over 61 million EUR in the Netherlands and Spain.

In an environment of highly skilled professionals working on a temporary basis for many companies and organizations though out the Netherlands, the need for a mobile and flexible application access solution is a given.

In his capacity as the IT-Manager for DPA, Wilbert Profijt had been looking for the right solution for some time. “The real challenge is that I want to provide my users with access to mail, documents and the most important business application LIFT, (a resource management application) from outside the DPA premises – but since my users are working in a very dynamic environment with shifting workplaces and with different clients, I can not make too many assumptions about the workstation clients from which my users will want to access these applications”.

This fact dramatically impacted Wilbert’s search for a solution. “So I quickly came to the conclusion that the older legacy solutions like VPN’s etc. simply are not secure and flexible enough for our environment”. But searching for an alternative did not provide many candidates – and they all fell through on either ease of use or ease of management.

It was during this time that Wilbert got a call from Hans-Peter Ponten from Giritech Benelux B.V. Hans-Peter was introducing the G/On connectivity solution to the Dutch market and the connection between the two companies could not have come at a more opportune time.

As Hans Peter recalls: “I was looking for companies where the value G/On provides is strongest. And DPA is a perfect example of a customer with a very dynamic environment where people need to access important business applications in a secure way from unknown environments”. Very quickly Wilbert and Hans-Peter decided to test G/On.

Wilbert: “I’m a hands on guy – I want to kick the tires of a product myself. So after an unbelievably quick installation that only took one hour I decided to take the product for a spin and had a very positive experience. The G/On concept is really very elegant and easy to understand. Instead of connecting workstations to networks – the G/On solution takes care of all steps involved in connecting my users to their applications, including two factor authentication, single sign on, etc. All from within one simple and easy to use application”.

Very little time spent on administration

What’s more, Wilbert enjoys the fact that he can spend very little time on administration. “It’s easy to control who has access to what applications. Especially the integration with Active Directory which makes administration a very simple and straightforward task”.

Asked what challenges Wilbert has had during the implementation phase, the answer is “Not many”. “The few issues we had were resolved through our local Giritech contacts. They even managed to get some of our suggestions back to the development team at G/On, so that they are now implemented in the product. We usually don’t see this kind of responsiveness from our other IT vendors”.

In conclusion, Wilbert remarks: "For us, it was the perfect fit”. “I’m a strong believer in the G/On concept – and I don’t hesitate to recommend the G/On solution to any company that works in a dynamic environment of consultants and temporary workers”.

Customer profile

Our consultants have years of experience in many industries. In addition, the specialists in their field. 
DPA works in people with heart for the course and the customer. People with drive, passion and humor. Passion comes from within and in the introduction show.
Since we are a publicly traded company, transparency is very important to us. The clear cost structure for clients and the choice of different models for remuneration consultants in line with this way of working. DPA also attaches great importance to clarity, good and bad news is communicated and discussed.



How to let empoyees work from home using a system that has a resonable price, is easy to implement and that requires a minimun of administrationtime.


G/On USB for approximately 25% of the company.


The G/On concept is really very elegant and easy to understand


• Minimal administrationtime

• Quick and easy to implement

• Individual useraccess

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