Cancer Society triples mobile work force with G/On.

Frustrated by slow and inefficient remote access solutions, the Danish Cancer Society is now using G/On to increase workforce mobility and reduce IT administration costs.

About DCS

The Danish Cancer Society (DCS) is a non-profit organization established to prevent the development of cancer, to improve patient’s chances of successful recovery and to limit the physical, psychological and social side-effects of cancer.

The DCS’s main activities are within cancer research, patient support and preventive activities. From its headquarters in Copenhagen, DCS supports almost 100 local units located across the country. The DCS also supports a number of research centers and a wide range of volunteer temporary workers traveling to many different locations promoting the work of the DCS.

400 locations, 800 employees - and just 8 IT staff

The heavily distributed nature of the DCS puts strong demands on the society’s IT infrastructure. A high degree of mobility and flexibility in the way the employees and supporters of the DCS work is essential. All in all the DSC has more than 400 workplaces and over 800 employees and an IT department of just 8 employees to meet their needs. Looking for a simple and yet flexible remote connectivity solution to support the diverse needs of the different people they service (home working, consultants, volunteers etc.), the DCS turned to Giritech and their G/On product.

”G/On has allowed us to expand our mobile, remote working community by a factor of at least 3. This is mainly because G/On combines greater flexibility with much lower installation and support requirements compared to our existing VPN solution,” says DCS’s IT Director, Jørn Schou-Nielsen.

Previously, setting up a new remote user required at least a half day’s work for the IT department, plus the ongoing support for laptops provided and paid for by DCS.

G/On only takes a few minutes to prepare for a new user and lets remote users connect from their existing home computers, thereby eliminating the need to distribute corporate controlled laptops. G/On has also dramatically lowered the need for ongoing support which has freed up valuable IT resources for other high-priority jobs.

“Obviously this has lowered costs, so the decision to give a user access no longer requires lengthy budget approval processes,” says Jørn Schou-Nielsen. G/On also lets DSC give people remote access to applications that previously wasn’t possible to make available.

“A good example is providing consultants access to specific IT resources, such as website development,” explains Jørn Schou-Nielsen. All of these advantages were achieved without having to compromise on IT security. ”We have been very satisfied with the G/On installation and technology and definitely expect to add more users and applications to the system in the future,” concludes Jørn Schou-Nielsen.

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Customer profile

Cancer Society aims to be the people's voice into cancer related issues. The Cancer Society overall goal to reduce the number of cancer deaths in 7000 over the next 15 years. Today survives every other, to be cancer - about 15 years it must have two out of three.


Demand for more flexibilty from a highly decentralized workforce supported by limited IT resources.


"We have been very satisfied with the G/On installation and technology"


• 300% increase in mobile workers
• Access to applications that previously weren’t available
• Lower installation costs


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