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Already back in 2004, CIO Erling Jepsen saw the benefits of the G/On solution, which was completely new to the market. After a test purchasing in September 2004 the Municipality bought a license to the first users requiring remote access. 
Furesø Municipality has since grown bigger as a result of a Danish local government reform. Flexibility, usability and security are high priorities and are among the reasons why the use of G/On is continuing to grow among employees.

Furesø Municipality have kept by G/On, right from the very beginning until today, where Giritech has introduced the fifth generation of the solution. But where, how and when do the employees use the remote access solution?

"Any where, anytime, anyhow," explains Erling Jepsen, CIO at Furesø Municipality. "G/On is neither bound by time, physical presence or special hardware. The only thing the users need is a small USB key that fits in your pocket. For us, independence = flexibility = productivity, and that’s why we use G/On." 
Erling Jepsen was the person who decided to buy the G/On solution back in 2004. Back then there were no similar solutions on the market according to Erling Jepsen. Today more solutions have emerged with more or less flexible ways to meet similar needs – however not the same elegant way as G/On.

“Clearly G/On is the most flexible solution for us," says Erling Jepsen. "With G/On we have it all, all of the options for both a flexible, simple and secure remote access in one single package.”

The G/On solution is undergoing continued development, and although the solution was a success from the start, there's no doubt that the solution has only become better over the years. "We've always been very proud and happy for our G/On solution. In connection with the municipal amalgamation some issues occurred with the restructuring of our solution, but Giritech worked hard to solve the issues, and today we can with pride say that we have the high flexibility and ease of use, we would like to offer our employees."

Familiarity is important

Furesø Municipality is using a Citrix server in conjunction with the G/On solution. "We use Citrix to underline the G/On concept. With Terminal Server you are not able to offer the users the same opportunity for recognition of screen images, no matter where they are located,” "says the CIO.

And precise recognizable similarity is very important for Furesø Municipality. "Users will have exactly the same screen, whether they work on their own work PC, their colleague's PC, their home PC or if they use their grandmother's PC," explains Erling Jepsen. "This characteristic of G/On has meant that we do not need any sort of user education, not even by the extradition of the client, do the users need an introduction. Users do not have to do anything special - just plug the USB key into the USB port, then it runs. Users have no need for pass code numbers, no procedures they should remember - it is extremely user friendly."

One comprehensive solution

"With G / On we save further investments overall. We do not have to invest in RSA tokens to be managed and renewed after a few years for instance. G/On is one comprehensive solution. The G/On client leaves no data on the PC. When the user is logged off, or have removed the G/On key nobody can trace the transaction. If an employee should lose the uses G/On key, we can block the specific client within few minutes. In addition, the key is completely useless to others without the username and password. I really like the idea, that the USB key is part of the security concept, "says Erling Jepsen.

Simple and straightforward administration

Furesø municipality is also enthusiastic about the administration of G/On. "We spend very little time on administration. When the server platform is built and the firewall is set, there's no more to be fixed or decided upon. It takes less than 10 minutes to create a new access, and then the user is online. " 
Also when it comes to changes in the back-end, G/On is simple and easy to work with. "When we install new applications or make other changes to our back-end, then no changes are required at the G/On server or at the G/On client, yet, users have the same access to the new applications immediately. The new changes are simply integrated in the remote access solution "explains Erling Jepsen. There are approx. 1.200 employees in Furesø Municipality, of which 530 are G/On users, but if more should be in need or want to get access, then it will not stress the CIO. "We can easily manage to have 1200 users. So if there is demand from departments we be able to give them access right away."

The User Experience

For the 530 users G/On has become a natural part of their work. Users have become accustomed to the flexibility and independence provided by G/On. When the IT department hear from users, it is generally in form of a very positive feedback. From new users the IT department is experiencing a great enthusiasm. "The newest employee expressed that G/On was fantastic, it was much better than what he used to work with, he said.” 
Flexibility, usability and security are the core elements of G/On and these are our highest priorities, so G/On is the exactly right solution for us, "concludes Erling Jepsen, CIO at Furesø Municipality.

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Customer Profile

Furesø Municipality is a municipality in North Zealand Capital Region with about 37,000 inhabitants. Furesø Municipality is working to create an attractive workplace where employees thrive and evolve - each day. Furesø municipality must at all times be a good workplace where employees want to develop professionally and personally, and where there is a culture that motivates, encourages and promotes effective problem-solving


Statement Furesø

“It is extremely user friendly”

Erling Jepsen


Furesø municipality has:

• 530 G/On users
• a Citrix server to the user together with G/On solution
• employees who can be flexible and work independent of time and place

Furesø was around 1900 one of Northern Europe’s cleanest and most species-rich lakes.
Photographer: Per Wessel


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