Guldborgsund Muncipality

Guldborgsund is a municipality that is up to date. This is evident from their digital strategy from 2009-
2012, which stipulates that “The municipality should offer employees a modern digital workplace,
focusing on facilitating employees’ job performance and create space for competence”.

Guldborgsund is striving to become an attractive workplace with a modern infrastructure supporting the different needs for mobility and flexibility for the employees. The municipality has therefore purchased the remote access solution G/On, a product that fi ts completely into their strategy, as the employees will have full flexibility and ease of use, while data security is preserved.

Reforming the IT infrastructure

We look back to 2008 when the IT department in Guldborgsund Municipality decided to hire an external consultant to review their IT strategy.

“It’s a great idea to get a third party to look things through, so you get better insight into what has to get done rather than what you think you need to change “says Jakob Sønderskov Hansen, IT responsible for Guldborgsund Municipality.

There were several things to be improved and particularly the Report pointed at issues concerning the Municipality’s VPN solution. Guldborgsund’s IT department quickly realized that it would be very expensive to resolve the issues concerning the VPN solution and they consequently decided to look for other more viable solutions. Jakob Sønderskov Hansen had heard of the G/On solution with great interest and after a few meetings with Giritech, that has developed the solution Jakob Sønderskov Hansen was convinced that G/On was the right solution for Guldborgsund Municipality.

Jakob Sønderskov Hansen explains:
“We thought that G/On was the solution that would resolve our challenges best, and on top it was even a solution that was affordable. The Top Management also found the solution financially attractive, and hence the purchase was approved. “

G/On was delivered and then it was just about getting started with implementation.

“Fortunately it is not just on paper, G/On works. G/On is actually a real cool solution and fully lives up to our expectations, “says the satisfied IT Officer.

The financials – black on white

Even after the implementation of G/On Guldborgsund Municipality is still enthusiastic about the financial aspects - there were no contingency which toppled the budget. When all expenses, including Internet, maintenance and external IT support is added the end result is that the municipality will save close to 60% per annum per user per year.

”Our previous remote access solution based on VPN and ADSL contained a number of elements that increased the costs. With G/On these cost elements has been eliminated and combined with a cheaper Internet connection we achieved huge savings. Of course there is cost associated with the purchase of the G/On solution, however the price is so reasonable, that the solution will pay for itself within one year” tells Jakob Sønderskov Hansen.

To the great enthusiasm of the staff in Guldborgsund Municipality a much larger number of employees will now have the opportunity to access their applications remotely so they can work anywhere, anytime. The Municipality can even activate the clients centrally, so the cost of handing out of a G/On client is very limited.

The flexibility is absolutely great!

“In general a workplace gets more out of the employees when they can work from home, which we have experienced with our previous solution as well. The difference with G/On is that many more can perform remote work, and as G/On at the same time can be used anywhere a PC and internet connection is available, the productivity has increased signifi cantly “.

And it is not only the management who is happy, the users are very happy too.

“Flexibility is top notch! And the product provides great ease of use”, says Jakob Sønderskov Hansen.

Guldborgsund Municipality is expecting to have 500 users on the G/On solution shortly. This is roughly a doubling of the number of users they had in the old VPN solution. Jakob Sønderskov Hansen is convinced that this has only been possible, due to the attractive cost savings G/On provides, as the municipality no longer has to provide the employees with Internet connection or a company pc before they can work from home.

“Instead of having a laptop, the employees get a G/On USB client and they are able to work whenever and wherever they want, of course, provided they have access to the Internet and access to a PC.”

“Normally, savings disadvantaged users, but in this case it is just the opposite. It is a pure win-win situation, “concludes Jakob Sønderskov Hansen.

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Customer profile

Guldborgsund Municipality consists of 6 former Danish municipalities of Falster and Østlolland merged into one. The Municipality, which has approx. 64,000 inhabitants, is situated around Guldborgsund in a landscape with towns, forests and manor house landscapes. Falster is connected to Lolland via a tunnel and two bridges and Zealand via the Storstrøms Bridge and Farø Bridges. The largest cities are Nykøbing, Sakskøbing, Stubbekøbing, North Alslev, Nysted, Væggerløse and Gedser.


Why did Guldborgsund chose G/On?

• It was important that the employees could access the Municipality’s core systems, containing approx. 5 applications which employees needs access to remotely
• The Municipal weighted the flexibility highly, of course in conjunction with high security
• It was also considered an advantage that the solution included the USB key that provides the flexible remote access

Guldborgsund is strait between Falster and Lolland and lies like a beautiful blue line down through the municipality’s green landscape

Good advice – customer to customer

Jakob Sønderskov Hansens to others with the need to purchase a new secure remote access solution:

  • Use common sense
  • Check the market. There are many solutions with advantages and limitations however the key point is defi ning exactly what you need.

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