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G/On helps leading Swedish law firm reduce cost and risk of providing secure mobile access to network resources.

One of Sweden´s leading corporate law firms, Lindahl has its headquarters in Stockholm, and offices in five other major Swedish cities. Working daily with sensitive information involving Swedish and international customers, their need for network and data security is high.

Like many other law firms, Lindahl has experienced a growing need for employees to connect remotely to the corporate network while travelling. There is also an increasing number of employees who want to work from home.

To meet these needs, Lindahl orginally elected to use an industry standard solution – a VPN.

"We chose a solution from Watchguard. It was an IPSec VPN, which meant we had to install a client on each user's PC. This ended up being fairly expensive and time-consuming to administer. There was also the risk to the network if the PC was ever compromised," explains Anders Mohlin, the IT Manager at Lindahl's Stockholm headquarters.

Balancing the cost and risk against the benefits, Lindahl chose to limit the number of VPNs to just 10 employees.

Late in 2003, Arne Larsson, the director of MainConnect, a Swedish-based IT consultancy called Anders Mohlin to tell him about EMCADS, a new technology for securing remote access to network resources.

"Initially I thought G/On was 'just another VPN' solution," recalls Anders Mohlin. "I think Arne spent 2 months convincing me to even look at the solution."

Arne Larsson's persistence quickly paid off, however.

"As soon as I presented it to him, I could see he was sold," says Arne Larsson. "He said he hadn't seen anything like it."

"The speed and simplicity of the system were really impressive," confirms Anders Mohlin.

In February 2004, Lindahl installed an EMCADS test system inhouse.

"But even then we'd more or less decided to buy a solution," says Anders Mohlin.

The solution went online in June, and was quickly rolled out to 50 users in Stockholm – 5 times as many as were using the VPN solution.

Lindahl chose to use their EMCADS solution to let users connect to their Microsoft Terminal Services system. This gives users access to all the applications they have in the office, email, MS Office applications, as well as their document management system.

In addition to the security and simplicity of the system, a major advantage is that employees can now use any laptop or PC.

"We no longer have to buy a dedicated home-PC for each user. That really is a major saving," says Anders Mohlin.

Lindahl's network is based on Novell servers and GroupWise mail and document management system.

"All the servers in our 6 offices are connected to a WAN. EMCADS synchronizes the passwords up againstMicrosoft Active Directory. Later we also plan to synchronize Active Directory and Novell eDirectory," says Anders Mohlin.

Lindahl are now considering extending the solution to at least 2 other offices in Sweden.

"There there is a lot of interest in the option of working from home and remote access. In Gotenburg they use Citrix so it will be interesting to have the two systems working together."

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Customer profile

Lindahl is one of Sweden´s leading corporate law firms, with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, Helsingborg and Örebro. Our legal team possesses expertise spanning all key areas of corporate law. Lindahl combine specialised legal skills with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the business environment´s and sectors in which their clients operate.



Needed a flexible secure system daily working dwith sensitive information involving Swedish and international customers.



Statement Lindahl

"The speed and simplicity of the system were really impressive"


• No need for home-PC’s

• High security

• The simplicity of the system reduces administration time.


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