Found what they were looking for

Local Danish council chooses G/On to make Terminal Sercives secure and mobile. G/On provides secure remote access to sensitive government resources.

The local council office in Slagelse, a small city on the western coastline of Zealand, may not look like a typical first mover in the IT industry. But appearances can be deceptive.
Up on the third floor, Michael Andersen and Ulrik Nørtoft Olsen explain how – and why – they became the first in a growing list of Danish and Swedish councils to embrace Giritech’s breakthrough EMCADS technology.
In 2003, they started evaluating their options for providing secure remote access to a variety of applications
and data hosted on their government-fi nanced network.
While the Danish authorities set a minimum level of security, they thought it was possible do even better, especially when it came to personal data protection.
“We talked to KMD about Citrix Nfuse,” recalls Michael Andersen. “But we quickly realized it was too expensive.”
“We also looked at Cisco’s 3005 VPN,“ adds Ulrik Olsen. “The trouble there was the cost of protecting the client. Another big problem true for all VPNs is they don’t
restrict access to the rest of the network.”

Found what they were looking for

Finally, during a meeting with Henrik Blaaberg, CEO of an independent IT consultancy called Nworks, Andersen
and Olsen found what they were looking for.
“Henrik pulled out a little USB key out of his pocket, and said ‘Look at this.’ The USB key contained an G/On client and a terminal
services client, making it what Giritech called then an Intelligent Data Carrier, “Giritech’s IDC caught our attention immediately because it combines hardware and software. This enables it to deliver secure mobility in a way that was both easy to use and simple to administer,” explains Ulrik Olsen.
Ulrik was appointed project leader and began testingthe solution, working closely with Giritech’s service manager, Kasper Davidsen to develop a system that matched the organization’s needs. 
“There were things we wanted the system to do before I was confi dent about going online with it,” says Olsen. “The support we received from Giritech was very positive.”
One of these features was to configure the system so the IDC automatically displayed the Terminal Services Remote Desktop full screen as soon as it launched – a simple userfriendly request that was easy to accommodate with EMCADS.

Custom made solution

Each G/On system is made to order based on the individual client’s needs.
“This ensures they get exactly what they need, plus they don’t have to pay for any features they don’t use,” explains Kasper Davidsen from Giritech. “This is an important part of our value proposition.”
The first test person for Slagelse’s 50 user solution was the council’s Director.“We fi gured if he could see how simple it was to use, then we were on a winner,” says Andersen.
He wasn’t disappointed. The USB solution is very simple to use as it only requires a user to plug the USB key into the port on a PC before entering their user name and password.
Other features of the solution that earned Andersen and Olsen’s approval was its ability to prevent users accessing any other part of the network than what they were authorized to use.
“It’s easy to administer groups of users with G/On,” adds Olsen. “The direct synchronization with the Domain is a good example of how Giritech’s technology simplifies our daily work.”
An area where the solution exceeded their expectations was the range of systems they were able to connect to via Terminal Services.
“Using EMCADS as a single-sign-on platform, Windows Terminal Services lets us make available systems and resources we hadn’t expected we could enable users to access.”
A growing list of Danish and Swedish councils has now followed in Slagelse Kommune’s footsteps. Through partners such as Nworks, the value of using EMCADS to ensure flexible and secure mobility for government authorities is beginning to be recognized.

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Customer profile

The Company: The Muncipality of Slagelse has
20644 inhabitants. It´s to be found approximately
100 km west of Copenhagen.


Wanted to give their employees simple and easy accsess to the network working from home.



Statement Slagelse

"It’s easy to administer groups of users with G/On"


• High security

• Simple to use

• Total control of the applications the users have access to


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