New Energy Foundation

G/On guarantees employees at New Energy Foundation (NEF) secure and flexible access from external PCs to applications on NEF’s local network. This has led to significant savings for NEF and is paving the way for network consolidation.

Long journeys, handwritten notes and time-intensive reporting. This was the the daily routine for NEF’s technicians until they started using G/On.

Now equipped with a G/On USB key, technicians at NEF can quickly easily and securely access NEF’s private network to complete their documentation and report problems encountered when rolling out fibre networks in the north-east region of the Danish island of Fyn.

”Previously our technicans wasted a lot of time travelling round to different locations to gather data. They wrote their reports out by hand and then registered them into the system when they returned to the office. This wasn’t very secure, plus there was the risk of data being lost. G/On lets our technicians access the applications they need via the Internet, without us having to compromise on security or our budget,” explains Jens Otto Sternkopf, one of NEF’s IT consultents.

Unlike other secure access solutions, G/On requires that users have a special USB key as well as their username and password before they can log on and use applications. In addition to secure remote access, G/On makes it possible to store encrypted data on the USB key (using 3rd party software).

”Giritech’s G/On USB is extremely flexible. It ensures a high level of security – not just for our technicians but also for our management team and other employees who use it to log in from home, for example. Using G/On USB means we can be confident no one else can exploit the connection to gain access to our network, which is very reassuring,” says Jens Otto Sternkopf.

NEF ready for the future

In choosing G/On, NEF has taken an important step towards security and mobility. They now have a secure access solution that is both easy to use and manage, and one that ensures a high level of security and control. The solution is also the first step towards future-proofing their whole corporate infrastructure by consolidating all their local and non-local networks into one network based on simple Internet access.

”NEF finds Giritech’s network consolidation strategy both visonary and practical. We feel it gives us the optimal solution for secure, mobile access today. Plus it prepares us for a future when we can avoid the internal security problems that traditional secure access solutions fail to address,” continues Jens Otto Sternkopf.

Giritech vision of network consolidation involves replacing the traditional LAN infrastructure – together with all the current security solutions – with a small “application network”. This is simply a G/On Server that provides the one and only way of accessing the applications. Everyone then connects to these applications via G/On and the Internet – both when “outside” the office, and when they are “inside” the office, when traditionally they would be logging in directly to the network.

”Network consolidation simply means replacing the local network with the Internet and securing every connection via G/On. Time has run out for the current IT security strategy where you build bigger and higher walls around the company. It’s too complex and imposes huge demands on IT administrators and users. Our solution gives users access to applications – not the network. This lets company’s like NEF devote their IT resources to fueling business growth instead of security,” says Giritech’s CEO, René Stockner.

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Customer profile

NEF Fund - also known as New Energy Fund and the NEF - formed in spring 2000 as a result of a new law on electricity.

The fund will ensure that voters' electricity is organized and implemented so as to take account of supply, economics, environmental and consumer protection.


To offer all employees flexible working conditions while simultaneously keeping costs to a minimum – without compromising security.



Statement NEF

"Giritech’s G/On USB is extremely flexible"


• All employees can now securely access applications from any PC
• NEF is ready for network consolidation


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