Solution Challenges

Access to My Office PC

»Use existing PC's for more
»Work from the PC that is already configured correctly
»Avoid the cost of building additional servers


Most organizations today provide company PC’s that are on the company network, centrally managed and have access to all the resources needed for the employees to do their work. The PC is backed up and safely and securely protected by the company IT department.

At the same time, organizations today operate more and more globally and depend on their employees to process information and for them to respond quickly and effectively around the clock. As an unfortunate consequence, employees have to spend more and more time in their office so they can do their job working with people from around the globe across many different time zones.

Companies are aware of this issue and are providing a few key employees with remote access so they can work from a Laptop or from a PC out of their house. Unfortunately, such a solution is expensive, very difficult scale, and extremely difficult for IT departments to manage as access is now getting outside the company premises and therefore is no longer controlled and safely managed. The result is that companies do not provide remote access for people in general and they hesitantly give remote access only to people with a big, big pain or hold key positions within the company.



With something as simple as a G/On USB it is possible to use any PC to connect to the office PC and work on that office PC as if you are sitting inside the office. Users have access to everything they normally use and they will not experience any differences although they are physically sitting in their house connecting from their own computer, if they are sitting in a hotel using a PC in the Business Center, if they are working from a PC in their clients office or from any other PC with an Internet connection. G/On combines the best of the two worlds. The IT departments know that users are always working off the PC’s inside the company network. And, users get all the flexibility they need to do their work around the clock without being physically “locked” to the office.


Data Loss Prevention

»Never take data off your network - leave it safely inside the company
»Bring users to their data - don't leave data with users


Laptops with VPN connections for remote access are the weakest link in the effort to protect sensitive data.

A study done by Computerworld indicates that 81% of all US organizations have already had the painful experience of losing a laptop with sensitive and valuable data. A similar study indicates that companies spend on average $50,000 on every lost laptop in an effort to recover the data or to recover from the consequences of losing the data.

This is on top of the huge amount of money spent on solutions and techniques to protect the data stored on laptops, USB's and other storage devices.

Many employers do not provide any solutions at all leaving people with no other options than to copy sensitive data onto USB sticks, phones and other storage device



The right solution to working outside the office is to enable users to connect when they need to work and leave data securely and protected on the corporate network.

G/On is a simple and very effective corporate solution that enables users to work on any PC by connecting securely and directly to their office PC

With the G/On USB, users can use any PC and connect to their office PC and work as if they are physically inside the office.


Connecting Laptops

»Don't use VPN on a laptop

Many companies offer their employees and contractors a laptop with a VPN connection so they can connect remotely


A VPN connects the laptop directly to the corporate network. The laptop becomes a part of the network and anything "bad" on the laptop will immediately find its way onto the corporate network. Consequently, IT departments must implement numerous solutions to protect the network from these potential threats.


  • Laptop users will connect the laptop to the Internet from different places around the world. Most of the time, the laptop is simply used to browse the Internet. Once they launch the VPN to connect to their company, everything bad that may have ended up on the laptop while browsing the Internet can now float freely onto the corporate network.
  • After travelling the world or working at home with their laptop connected to the Internet, laptop users return to the office, and connect their laptop directly to the corporate LAN. Anything bad on the laptop will now have free access to the company network.
  • Users are generally very happy about laptops. It means they can copy documents and data off the corporate LAN and work locally and off-line on their laptop. Unfortunately, it is also the single biggest source of loss of data. People forget their laptop in taxi's, in airports, on the plane and cars get stolen with people's laptop in them.


Contrary to a VPN, G/On does not make the remote PC part of the company network. G/On creates individual virtual connections for each application launched by the user on the remote PC.


  • Because G/On connects users to applications via virtual and encrypted connections, it is not possible for malware to float freely onto the company network
  • Users should always connect to corporate applications through G/On and never connect their laptops directly to the corporate LAN. That way, nothing bad on the laptop will ever hit the company network
  • Consultants and contractors can have multiple G/On connections open at the same time to different companies. As each appplication has its own separate connection users can work on many different tasks without them interferring with each other.

Virtual Desktop Connectivity

»Connect from a thin client
»Complete end-to-end secure virtualization

”Virtual Desktop Infrastructure”, or VDI, is gaining increasing acceptance from businesses and organizations because VDI promises to extend optimization and the operational advantages of server side virtualization to the desktop.
With VMWare’s VDI, users can connect from a thin client or browser over the network to their own virtual desktops running on backend ESX infrastructure
Typical virtualization solutions do not address the challenges of the network between client and server(s). IT Administrators looking to deploy VDI are still left with traditional SSL or IPsec based VPN solutions which rely heavily on third party solutions (e.g. tokens, certificates, proxies etc.) to provide the security levels required to reap the full benefits of desktop virtualization.


When analyzing this challenge of connecting virtualized servers with virtualized desktops it becomes clear that there are five challenges to overcome:


  1. Identifying who is trying to connect: Strong multi factor authentication of end users
  2. Protect the backend from potential infections from unknown devices
  3. Protect data in transit on the Internet, i.e. encryption
  4. Filtering of connections before allowing access to the back end based on identity, location and client PC or user.
  5. Authorization of users’ connections to back end applications, i.e. the virtual desktops

Simply deploying standard RDP and SSL technology, as is typically recommended, only addresses a small part of this overall picture.


The Solution:

A complete end-to-end secure virtualization is achieved by integrating G/On and VMWare VDI:


  1. All necessary client side software (VMWare View and G/On) is copied to theunique G/On USB token that also serves as HW authentication device.
  2. At execution (e.g. auto launch from the USB CDROM) a seamless and secure connection to the G/On server is established and the user is authenticated.
  3. The VMWare View client is automatically launched and provides the user with a direct and secure access to the virtual desktop inside the VMWare farm from any PC with internet access – no installation is required.

Continuity of Operations

»Prepare for emergencies
»Low cost and practical

G/On makes it cost effective and practical to let every employee of a company and for local, state and government staff to work from their home PC while emergencies prevent them from coming to the office.
Planning for emergencies is vital to your company’s ability to continue operations during unforeseen circumstances that may prevent your staff from coming to the office. All organizations rely on information processing and access to data in the same way as they rely on power, water and other utilities

Addressing this need is G/On ─ a secure remote access solution that scales easily to every employee in the organization by allowing people to use their own computer at home. From their own PC at home they can get direct access to their office PC or direct access to specific applications.

The cost savings of G/On are significant compared to other solutions in the market place. G/On’s integrated security and connectivity features make it an elegant and simple solution that allows rapid deployment to every employee of an organization. With G/On an organization will find it is practical to manage remote access even if employees, external staff and contractors number in the hundreds of thousands.


Secure Wireless Access

»Wireless Networks should ONLY connect to the Internet
»Use G/On to connect securely to your applications

The Challenge:>

Many wireless networks in the world are not protected and those that are can easily be hacked. This leaves thousands of corporate networks vulnerable to attacks and eavesdropping resulting in the theft of personal and commercial data.
A great number of companies are responding to this issue by banning any form of wireless access in their offices.
The mistake the industry is making is to use wireless networks to access corporate LANs ─ that is wrong. Wireless networks should only give access to the Internet.



The Solution:

The right way to use a wireless network is only for access to the Internet, even if you deploy it from inside your own offices
But since your wireless network is connected to the Internet, you can use G/On for secure direct access to your corporate applications. G/On gives your employees the flexibility and mobility to stay connected at all time as they move around your premises.



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