Solutions Overview

In one integrated solution, G/On protects your network and gives:

  • Users maximum flexibility to work from anywhere on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, and iPhone with secure access to their office PC, virtual desktops, server desktops, web applications, and other services.
  • IT administrators have one tool of managing precisely what applications users can access under given circumstances:
  • The right access
    For the right people
    To the right applications
    Under the right circumstances

G/On is the solution you need when want to give access for all your staff and partners from everywhere while protection your data:

  • Only the right people with the right authentication will be allowed access
  • Users must have authorization to access specific applications
  • Data can be protected so it doesn't leave the company network
  • Your network is protected from malicious attacks such as virus and trojans
  • Centralized administration gives you and your users peace of mind - they can only do what you have allowed them to do.

Why would a Business Manager want G/On:
  • To provide remote access to everyone who needs it
  • To offer your organization more flexibility and options
  • To increase productivity and employee satisfaction
  • To connect external contractors? – No problem!

Why would an IT Manager want G/On:
  • To simplify your infrastructure
  • To leverage your office desktop PC’s
  • To make Citrix truly portable
  • Easy access to external contractors
  • To give users more flexibility and options
  • To have an easy and cost-effective solution
  • To make your user community really happy
  • In order NOT to manage company policies

Why would an IT Security Manager want G/On:
  • To simplifying your infrastructure
  • To handles the 5 challenges of secure application access - in one solution
  • To be able to use your wireless network internally
  • To have the ultimate lean network infrastructure
  • To easy and securely connect External contractors to specific applications
  • To make your users really able to wor
  • Get out of having to manage IT security policie

Typical G/On solutions include:

  • Use of employee’s own PC at home to get secure access from home to the desktop of their office PC
  • Citrix, MS Terminal Server or VMWare and users are typically also offered access to these through G/On. Using G/On for secure access offers the added benefit that companies are not limited to only one virtual environment
  • For quick access to e-mail, order entry, sales numbers or company Intranets, users are also offered direct access to specific applications
  • For people travelling – without a PC – G/On’s USB devices offer access from almost any PC to a virtual desktop, specific applications and/or to their office PC
  • For employees with a company laptop, G/On users are also provided secure access to client/server applications without the need for the traditional VPN infrastructure
  • The G/On microSD based authentication option can be integrated into most USB based broad band modems giving broad band connectivity and authentication in one single device.
  • G/On controls precisely what users have access to and which features they have available.
  • Some organizations only allow access from PC’s they know and manage. This is very costly as it requires the organization to provide laptops to each employee. G/On offers a cost effective alternative via the G/On Secure Desktop. This option enables the user to boot the remote PC from the G/On USB device and run G/On via a company managed image of a Linux operating system without using the operating system and hard disk of the remote PC.
  • G/On gives the organization a single point of management of all access and its detailed logging of data traffic provides documentation.

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