Solution Scenarios

Tele Commuting – Working from home


The Challenge
Most organizations today depend on their employees to process information and for them to respond quickly and effectively at all times and from all places.
But IT-departments are simply not staffed to manage today’s complex and expensive remote access solutions and they can only manage remote access for a limited number of people. Department managers do not have the budgets required to fund the complex solutions required by company policy for every employee in their department.


The Solution
Employees can use their own PC at home - Users connect directly to their office PC or to specific applications
Most organizations have a desktop PC for each employee in the office. With a G/On USB each employee will have the opportunity to access this office PC from his or her own PC at home. When employees leave their office, they can leave applications running, lock the PC and turn off the monitor. When they come home, they insert the G/On USB into their own PC, login, connect to their office PC and immediately resume the work they did when they left the office.
By providing your employees remote access with G/On you will see their job satisfaction and productivity increase measurably. Your IT department will appreciate G/On because it is secure, safe and easy to manage. Your CEO and CFO will be pleased with G/On because it is affordable and not costly to maintain.


Mobile Workers


The challenge 
Many organizations are still struggling with finding the right tool for people to use when they travel. People want to travel light, but also with enough computer power to do their work.

A powerful Laptop tends to be packed with company confidential data that represents a real loss to the company if lost or stolen. The traditional response to this issue is for many companies to implement expensive and complex solutions to secure the PC and the hard drive to make it very difficult for thieves to steal the data on a lost or stolen PC. Unfortunately, it also makes it difficult for the user to use the PC and it is a real burden for the IT department to deal with and manage the PC.


G/On is the perfect solution for people on the road. G/On gives users the opportunity to connect when they need it. And, G/On can make sure that data never leaves the company network.

That means you need only to bring along the G/On USB when you travel and simply use the PC’s you come across on your way. You can also rest assure that, configured correctly, G/On itself does not leave any data behind on the PC you are using.

As an alternative, you can travel with a light Laptop and use G/On to connect to company applications and data.


External Contractors




The Challenge
If you are working with multiple external contractor organizations, you are dealing with multiple different networks, different IT organizations, and different security and IT policies. Using VPN based solutions for providing access for external contractors is not a scalable approachThe underlying problem IT departments are faced with in this situation is Network-to-Network connectivity.


No need to provide Laptops for external contractors - External contractors can use their own PC's!

The company outsourcing certain operational task to an external contractor installs a G/On Server inside their network. Each external consultant gets a G/On Client either on a special USB or installed on the PC. The consultant can use the G/On USB and insert to any PC (company PC, home PC, a PC at other clients, etc). The G/On USB will connect to the G/On Server and the remote PC’s will only be connected to the G/On Server and not to the company’s network. The G/On Server is configured to provide the user with a menu of applications relevant for the user. And, the user will only have access to these applications.

Rather than spending months and months of network configurations and policies, an external contractor can get access to relevant applications within a few minutes.

The external contractors get a solution where they know that they are only granted access to the relevant applications. And they know that they can use the G/On USB from any PC that they have access to. That means improved flexibility and productivity for the contractors and it means more value for their customers.


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