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If you are new user of G/On and you have questions on how to get started or how to deal with some unexpected behavior, you can download an introductory user guide here:

G/On 5.7 User Guide for

Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

G/On 5.7 User Guide for


G/On 5.7 User Guide for



G/On OS 21 User Guide for


Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for Giritech. We believe our customers will receive the best service and experience by working together with local organizations that are close to our customers and who understand our customers’ business and requirements.

That’s why we sell Giritech products through a global network of partners that are trained and certified in the installation, implementation and support of Giritech products.

If you are looking for specific solutions to your secure access needs or if you are having problems with your G/On solution we strongly recommend you contact your Local Giritech Partner

If you like us to assist you in getting support from your Giritech partner, please submit your support request here.

You may also consult our support and download resources for inspiration and ideas on trouble shooting or to interact with other G/On users on how they benefit from G/On.

Most of the support and download resources are available directy to you without a need for registration and login. If you want to pose questions or register product issues directly with Giritech we do, however, ask that you register and login. These services will be available for our customers with a current G/On Maintenance plan.


Giritech Partners

If you are a Giritech Partner looking for partner related information and support tools, please take a few minutes to register and log in and these resources will be made available to you.

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