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Experience the G/On comfort of network protection and secure virtual access.

A G/On evaluation gives you the opportunity to install a complete version of G/On and to see for yourself how easy it is to protect your network and create secure and encrypted connections for the right people, to the right applications, under the right circumstances.

The G/On evaluation license has a few functional limitations and works for a limited time only. However, when you decide to implement G/On for real, you don't have to reinstall the system again. You will be provided a license file that opens up the features you have decided to license and you can continue using the system as implemented.


Here's what we expect from you before you install G/On:

  • You have IT networking experience and know about IP addresses, ports, address translation, port mapping and forwarding
  • You may need to do some adjustments to your firewall(s) so you are either able to do that yourself or work with people who can
  • That you register and login to Giritech's web site www.giritech.com
  • That you read the G/On Getting Started documentation

iPad or iPhone users?

Start with a free download of the G/On Client for iOS and see how it works with Giritech's demo site. Once you have installed the evaluation version of the G/On Server in your own infrastructure, you can change your iPad or iPhone to connect to your own G/On Server and you will get access to your own business applications.


Here's what you need to make G/On work for you:

  • You need a PC (we recommend a Windows Server) inside your network where you will install the G/On Server.
  • We recommend you have a USB memory stick that will serve as a personal authentication token while you evaluate G/On. It also stores the G/On Client and demonstrates the unprecedented flexibility and power of G/On. You can also install the G/On client directly on your PC and let the PC be your authentication token.

You are welcome to contact Giritech to acquire a genuine G/On MicroSmart Token with smart card protection of authentication keys.

That's it - But don't forget to read the G/On Getting Started documentation.

Resources you will need:

G/On 5 Installation Package (Login required)

G/On Download Page

G/On 5 Getting Started

- We know you are in a hurry, but read this:

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How to deploy G/On Clients in the field

G/On 5 Resource Download Page

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