KB0055 - VMware View VDI v.4 though G/On


Have anyone tried to setup a VMware View 4 using PCoIP using the G/On ? VMware View defaults to using the new PCoIP protocol - which needs direct access on port 50002 (TCP and UDP) to the individual VDI.


PCoIP is new protocol from VMware by default used for connecting to VDI machines. PCoIP seems to be more efficient than RDP, however it requires UDP support (not yet available with G/On)
We're actually facing sort of the same problem as with running Outlook/Exchange directly - just that here, we need to guess a target IP instead of guessing a target port. (which we can not)


use the command-line parameter for VMware view 4
-desktopprotocol RDP
(should be at the end of the command-line to work correctly and RDP must be in capital letters)

This changes the View client's behavior to using the RDP protocol instead of the PCoIP protocol.
It can also be accomplished centrally in the VDI management, but preferred way is to use command line parameter - so that the only clients that are forced to the "old" protocol are the ones that run through G/On.

Additional Information

Dennis Hestbech


HOW TO guide on view client v3. for G/On 3.x system

VMware view v.4 documentation (page 16)

Related file


Is it possible to run view client from the G/on USB client or does it need to be installed

ANSWER (pls. add your knowledge and comments)

It is possible to buy/make a Thinstalled (VMware technology ThinApp http://www.vmware.com/products/thinapp/) version of VMware View client, which can run from the G/On client (i.e. Micro Smart USB)

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