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Question: Is it possible to integrate the Citrix client for Linux in G/On USB key?


This means
QUESTION from the Cutomer: Is it possible to integrate the Citrix client for Linux in G/On USB key?
- installing the Citrix client in the "application_clients" directory on the stick (which can be done by a packet definition ...)
- and start this client from the stick ?
If I understand it right Linux doesn't run the Citrix client portable of the stick ... you have to install it locally in the Linux OS.


Yes, we expect Linux Citrix client to be installed on the Linux OS by the user manually.

Here are some comments from other customers who experimented on that:
- On Fedora Citrix works fine with rpm package version 11.1 Citrix Linux Client and Open Motif 2.3.2 installed.
- Under Ubuntu 9.10 – debian package version 11.1 Citrix Linux Client, Open Motif 2.3.3 was installed and that worked fine. Appearently we had to pull some tricks to make this work, because the latest Debian package is OpenMotif 2.2.3 and for Citrix the minimum requirement is OpenMotif 2.3.1 so we had to convert the rpm of OpenMotif to a Debian package.

Because you need to install Open Motif, the Citrix Client seems not to be portable on Linux.

Customer reported problems with Gnome 3.0.and Citrix, but this is due to the fact that OpenMotif 2.3.2 is incompatible with Gnome 3.0 (beta). With Gnome 2.28 there are no problems with the Citrix-client

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