KB0059 - How to identify, re-enroll and re-install G-On 5 token


How to identify, re-enroll and re-install G-On 5 token using G-On Management client.


1. On the Management client, go to "Personal token assignment" view, insert the token (to be re-enrolled) into the PC and click green + button in the "Tokens" sub view.
2. In the pop up window "Add new token" click refresh and select approperiate token. In the field "Name" you should see the ID of token to be re-enroled i.e. MicroSmart-0002. Note that Enroll button is grayed out, because token MicroSmart-0002 (in this example) is already enrolled and registered within the G-On.
3. Close "Add new token" pop up window.
4. Delete all rules related to that token i.e. if token MicroSmart-0002 is assigned to the user as a personal token delete according rule(-s)
5. (If there are any) delete token dependency to the token group rule(-s)
6. Delete the token itself (in this example Microsmart-0002)
7. Repeat step 1 and 2 to re-enroll the token. Note that Enroll button should be active now. You should be able to re-enroll the token now. After re-enrolling token, it will become i.e. token MicroSmart-0077.
8. Assign just re-enrolled token to the user as the his personal token and re-create other rules if necessary.
9. Go to "Token Software Management" view and install at least "Basic packages for windows". This step deletes everything on the token and installs new software on it. I.e. "Basic packages for Windows" only contains G-On client for Windows.
10. Test re-enrolled and re-installed token.

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