KB0070 - iPAD timeout


The iOS always terminates the connection when the G/On Client has been running as a background process for 10 minutes. This is unfortunately not something G/On can control.


  1. If you leave the G/On Client – or any of the browser apps started from the G/On Menu – in foreground, it will not be disconnected.
  2. Even when it is running in the background, the G/On Client are able to notify the user when the iOS is about to terminate the connection. The user is given the option to quickly switch the G/On Client to the foreground and the iOS gives 10 more minutes of background process. The user can immediately switch back to the app he/she was working on.
  3. If the user is too late in re-activating the G/On Client and connection is terminated, the G/On Client will reconnect again when the user activates the G/On Client. The user will be logged in without being asked for user credentials – the G/On Client will re-use previous authentication. This re-use of previous authentication is only possible within a certain timespan managed by G/On. The default is 30 minutes.
  4. When the G/On Client is running in the foreground, there is a G/On managed timeout using the same 30 minutes (default) period. So, after 30 minutes (default) of total inactivity, the user will be notified and if the user does nothing, G/On terminates the connection.

iPad/iPhone running iOS version 5: turn on Notification for the G/On Client under iPad/iPhone Settings -> Notifications. Otherwise, the user is not notified on the time-out.


This is also described in the
(there is also one for the iPhone).G/On User Guide for the iPad

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