KB0071 - Upgrade to 5.5.1 and rollback



We would like to know if It is possible to rollback to 5.4 If fatal problem arises during the upgrade to 5.5.1


Yes, if you do the upgrade you can go back to previous version on the server side anytime. The client side is more difficult, if client has been updated to 5.5.1, you have to reinstall the client back to 5.4 manually i.e. using gon_client_installer.exe from 5.4 version.

In short:

  • Stop 5.4 services
  • Install 5.5.1 (in case of MS SQL DB make sure you use new DB for new G-On version i.e. DB name ‘gon541’ for 5.4.1, ‘gon551’ for 5.5.1 version and so on)
  • Run upgrade wizard, finish upgrade
  • Start 5.5.1 services
  • Test upgrade of the client side with few clients

If 5.5.1 works OK (which it always does):

  • Set 5.4 services to manual or disabled startup mode
  • Set 5.5.1 services Automatic startup mode
  • Enjoy using 5.5.1 with it new features like iPad, iPhone support and many more

If 5.5.1 seems not to works OK:

  • Consult your Giritech Partner or Giritech Support FIRST
  • In case previous step is not possible, stop 5.5.1 services and set them to manual startup mode
  • Start 5.4 services
  • Rollback test tokens to 5.4 (see above)
  • Use 5.4 system, notify your local Giritech Partner or Giritech Support and we will be happy to debug failed upgraded (if it ever happens)

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