KB0073 - Citrix reconnect issue on Windows 8 (G-On 5.6. or older)


On Windows 8 operating system Citrix Client running through G-On (version 5.6 or older) might reconnect periodically. In some cases Citrix Client reconnect happens every 20-30 seconds.


The nature of the reconnect is not known yet, but it is related to the way Windows 8 handles loopback interface.

We made a trace on the local loopback using the RawCap tool, in order to see what happens, when the re-connect issue occurs. This showed that when bringing the Citrix client to the foreground, the Citrix client sends a package to, where the G/On client listens, but the Citrix client thereafter receives a RST (reset) package from, thereby terminating the TCP connection and forcing the Citrix client to connect again.

The RST package most probably comes from the network stack – not from G/On. In the G/On client log we see error: "The semaphore timeout period has expired". This is delivered from the network stack to the G/On client exactly one time between each reconnect from the Citrix client.

So our guess is that there is some error in the network stack, which causes TCP connections on the local loopback to time out. And this results in an RST package to be sent to the Citrix client, when it tries to communicate, and likewise it results in the error: "The semaphore timeout period has expired" to be sent to the G/On client, when it tries to read from the local loopback address.


Change the listening address to (default is on all related Citrix menu actions

On the G-On server with the G-On management service active, start G-On Management Client.
Go to “Action Authorization policy” view and on the left side of it choose sub-tab “Menu actions”.
Within “Menu Actions” sub-tab view find relevant Citrix menu action(-s) (your users are using in order to connect to Citrix through G-On).
Note: You might have several Citrix menu actions.
Please note field “Client host” which contains by default, change that value to and click Finish. Server side modification is over. No need to change anything on the client side.
Start G-On client on the client side and test if re-connect issue is gone.

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