KB0078 - G/On Client for iOS - 3 minutes in background on iOS 7 instead of 10 minutes


We are pleased to inform you that the current release of the G/On Client for iOS is working on the new iOS 7.
However, some users may be using features of the G/On Client that is not really supported by iOS. Unfortunately, the new iOS 7 released yesterday has an un-documented change that may affect these users.

As you probably know, iOS requires all apps to run in “foreground” in order to be active. Once an app switches to “background” it is suspended after a period. In previous versions of iOS this period has been 10 minutes. Despite the negative user experience of this behavior of iOS, a period of 10 minutes has been sufficient for many G/On users to use their iPad to run native iOS apps through G/On to communicate with corporate servers. The best known example is using RDP-clients on the iOS device and forward the traffic to G/On for access to corporate terminal servers or your office PC.

Unfortunately, Apple has introduced an undocumented change in iOS 7 that now suspends background processes after only 3 minutes.

Obviously, it has never been Apple’s intention to support the special port forwarding mechanism of G/On on iOS and we are not aware of any short term workarounds to address the change in iOS 7.


What is affected here is the special functionality some users are using where iOS native apps (like iTap RDP client or similar) are using the port forwarding mechanism to communicate with a server through G/On.
This works by logging in to G/On and then use a menu action that launches another, native iOS app installed on the iPad or iPhone. When this native app is launched, it becomes the foreground process and the G/On client itself is forced to run in the background. After approx. 10 minutes, the user is notified that the G/On client is about to stop and the user is given 90 seconds to push a button that will move the G/On client back into the foreground. This will give the user a new period of 10 minutes to work on the native app.

In iOS 7 the user is no longer given 10 minutes but only 3 minutes to work before the G/On client in the background is shut down.


We will be looking at our options, if any, to address the issue and provide you more information as soon as possible.
Our only recommendation at this time is not to upgrade their iOS device to iOS 7.


Our only recommendation at this time is not to upgrade their iOS device to iOS 7.

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