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G/On version 5.4.1-6

Released July 6, 2010

A hotfix 5.4.1-6-2 was released October 30, 2013.

G/On release 5.4.1-6 is a G/On 5.4 maintenance release. Please read the release notes for details.

The G/On 5 software can be downloaded and installed with a free time limited, demo and evaluation version. A full functioning version requires the purchase of a license. If you are not already a customer, we ask you to register before you download.

Existing customers can find the latest version of G/On 5 for download here, however, we do NOT recommend our customers to upgrade their existing G/On Solution without the involvement of their Giritech Partner. So, please contact your Giritech Partner to make an appointment for upgrading your G/On Solution.

If you are not already a Giritech customer or Giritech partner and logged on to this site, we ask you to register before you download.


Download G/On 5.4 here:

If your Demo/Evaluation license is expired, you can also download
a new default.lic license file.

gon_5.4.1-6.exe 229.36 MB



default.lic 1.50 kB


Hotfix 5.4.1-10

OBS: This solves a problem in making RDP connections with server side SSO, after installing Windows 7 SP1 on the client PC.

Installation instructions are included in the README file, inside the zip file.

Do not install this hotfix, unless you experience one of the problems described in the README file.


Download G/On Secure Desktop here:

Please go to G/On 5.6 download section for latest version.

Download G/On SOCKS Server here:


readme.txt 1.75 kB

Download G/On Help Manager for LAN here:
Help Manager for remote installation and Help Client
are included as G/On 5 Client Packages.


Download G/On Help Broker here:


readme.txt 1.33 kB

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