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G/On version 5.5

G/On release 5.5 is a significant new G/On release. Please read the release notes for details.

G/On release 5.5.1-1 was released July 27, 2011.

A hotfix 5.5.1-9 was released October 29, 2013.

The G/On 5 software can be downloaded and installed with a free time limited, demo and evaluation version. A full functioning version requires the purchase of a license. If you are not already a customer, we ask you to register before you download.

Existing customers can find the latest version of G/On 5 for download here, however, we do NOT recommend our customers to upgrade their existing G/On Solution without the involvement of their Giritech Partner. So, please contact your Giritech Partner to make an appointment for upgrading your G/On Solution.

Please notice: Upgrading previous versions of G/On 5 to G/On 5.5 requires an update of the G/On License File. Before you upgrade, please request a new license file via mail to Remember to provide G/On License Number and/or customer name.

If you are not already a Giritech customer or Giritech partner and logged on to this site, we ask you to register before you download.


Download G/On 5.5 here:
(If you are upgrading from previous versions of G/On 5,
please request a new License File at
See also "Access Log Clean-up" below.)

If the Demo/Evaluation license is expired, you can download

a new default.lic license file.

gon_5.5.1-1.exe 305.44 MB




default.lic 1.81 kB



Download G/On OS here (previously called G/On Secure Desktop):


gon_os.pdf 144.51 kB

Access Log Clean-Up: Before upgrading to G/On 5.5
we recommend you clean up G/On 5.4 access log entries.

README.txt 1.36 kB

Previous version 5.5.0-21 available here:


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