G/On 5.7 Product Download

Friday July 3, 2015:

G/On 5.7

We are pleased to release G/On 5.7. The most significant new capabilities in G/On 5.7 are:

Read more details in the release notes.

Download a free demo/evaluation copy and see for yourself how easy it is to establish remote access that is secure, that works, and is easy to manage.

You have an iPhone or iPad? Get the free G/On Client for iOS directly from the Apple App Store. It is pre-configured for secure access to Giritech's demo system. Secure access to your own systems requires installation and configuration of the G/On Server in your own environment. You can download a free evaluation version here.


Check this page out for updates:
The G/On 5 documentation is "live" material. New information will be added, valuable user feedback will be included, and general improvements will be made on an ongoing basis.


G/On 5.7.0 Installation Files

July 3, 2015

G/On 5.7 Packages (Registration/Login Required)

Cumulative hotfix for G/On 5.7, including fixes from hotfix 14, hotfix 13 and the fix for the LDAPS issue. See details in the README file included in the zip archive

February  17, 2017

Hotfix for G/On 5.7, fixing an issue where the G/On Server would become unresponsive. See the README file included in the zip archive

October  31, 2016

Hotfix for G/On 5.7, fixing several issues. See the README file included in the zip archive

August  17, 2016

Hotfix for all G/On 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7 versions, fixing an error regarding access to LDAP servers over SSL/TLS, that may arise after installing certain Microsoft updates

August  17, 2016

Support for Windows Server 2003

August 10, 2015

Server Manual

July 20, 2015

User Guide

July 3, 2015

G/On OS 21 User Guide

July 3, 2015

G/On OS 21 Server Manual

July 3, 2015


July 3, 2015

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