Introducing G/On - Secure Virtual Access


In one integrated solution, G/Onprotects your network and gives:

G/On includes:

  • the right access
  • for the right people
  • to the right applications
  • under the right circumstances
  • Two-factor, mutual authentication
  • Virtualized, encrypted connectivity
  • Network access control
  • Application enablement and authorization

Here's some of the things G/On can do for you:


  • Effectively protect your company network and data by managing all access for individual - or groups of - users to specific - or sets of - applications
  • Give users maximum flexibility to work from anywhere on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad*, and iPhone with secure access to their office PC, virtual desktops, server desktops, and applications
  • Give remote access to employees in your company - very cost effectively. Employees can work from their PC at home or from their iPad* and connect to their PC in the office
  • Quickly establish secured and managed access for external contractors and partners
  • Stop the growing IT complexity, simplify your entire infrastructure, and save cost
  • Handle all your connectivity needs related to desktop virtualization, thin clients, and the many new devices requested by users

G/On is an innovative alternative to today's best of breed approach for building company IT perimeter protection:

  • G/On is a single integrated solution that provides two-factor user authentication data encryption network protection, and application authorization and access.
  • G/On's smart card based authentication USB tokens offer the option of integrating a bootable, locked down Linux operating system for an isolated, known and managed computing environment on any end user PC.

G/On is a client/server software solution built on a distributed port forwarding proxy technology that virtualizes the connections between user devices and the company's application servers. Contrary to conventional access methods (LAN, WAN, VPN), G/On does NOT connect the user PC directly to your network. G/On creates virtual connections between the user session and the application servers.


Product Overview


G/On is a client/server software solution that provides end-to-end security and connects users to specific applications, their office PC, virtualized desktops, Citrix servers, Terminal Server, web apps, and portals according to authentication and authorization policies.

The benefit of G/On’s fully integrated architecture is that G/On provides a Single Point of Management (SPM) of all users connecting remotely and directly to company resources. This means centralized

  • Establishment and management of authentication and authorization rules
  • Assignment and management of application access for users and user groups
  • Monitoring, logging and reporting of all access

G/On is a fully integrated client/server SW solution addressing all 5 challenges of providing user secure connectivity to applications.

*) Using an iOS RDP client on an iPad (and iPhone) through G/On is only supported on iOS 6 and earlier versions.

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